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The Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute requires that all scholars wear uniforms in order to improve student performance, instill self-confidence, decrease socioeconomic tensions, promote decorum, promote school spirit and values, foster self-esteem, increase attendance, limit disciplinary referrals, and enhance school safety. However, the school will honor written requests for exemptions based on religious, medical, or physical needs. (TEX.EDU.CODE § 11.162.)

To a scholar who arrives to school dressed inappropriately or who is not wearing the appropriate uniform, Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute will lend a missing item (the uniform, in part or in whole).

​We strongly recommend that scholars’ names be written on labels inside clothing.  Jewelry must be kept at a minimum. Necklaces must be worn inside the shirt and should not hang outside the shirt. Rings are to be small and simple and no pins or patches can be placed on the clothing. Tattoos, facial jewelry, and body piercings are not allowed and hair may not be dyed an unnatural hair color. Non-uniform items like coats, jackets, sweaters, vests, hats, and scarves may not be worn in the classroom. Students may not wear any additional items that are distracting.

In case of financial hardship, parents may contact the principal or designee by phone, mail, e-mail, or in person to request assistance when financially unable to purchase the standard student uniform. Any student eligible to participate in the national free or reduced price lunch program is eligible to receive assistance with funding for a uniform. Funding for uniform components will be made possible by grants and donations solicited with input from the Austin ISD Office of Innovation and Development, support from our school PTA, the Assistance League of Austin, and generous donations made directly to the school by community organizations and churches, including The Well Community Church and David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

Below you will find Primary and Intermediate scholar uniforms, respectively. 

Primary Grade Level

(PreK, Kinder, 1st, 2nd)

Polo with Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Logo*
​* Item provided by school; free to scholar

Tan Khaki: pants, jumper, shorts, or skirt

Plain, all black shoes; closed toe, with rubber-soles: Saddle shoes, dress shoes, or all black gym shoes (not high heels)

Black belt (if belt loops on garment)

Socks: solid white or navy (no patterns/ no other colors); may include: athletic, knee, or trouser socks

Intermediate Grade Level (3rd, 4th, 5th)

Plain White Blouse or button-down dress shirt (not a polo)

Tan Khaki: pants, jumper, shorts, or skirt

Plain, all black shoes; closed toe, with rubber-soles: Saddle shoes, dress shoes, or all black gym shoes (not high heels)

Black belt (if belt loops on garment)

Socks: solid white or navy (no patterns/ no other colors); may include: athletic, knee, or trouser socks

Navy Blue clip-on tie*
(boy or girl variety)

Navy blue Cardigan* or Navy blue sweater vest or Navy blue blazer

​* Item provided by school; free to scholar


Excused Absences FAQ

When it comes to school, students who miss school miss out. They miss out on opportunities to learn, build lasting friendships and develop the skills and attitudes needed to become good citizens and valued employees. There is a very strong connection between student attendance and student performance in school.

What happens when a student misses one day of school, for any reason?

  • A student must work twice as hard the next day to catch up on missed information and missed homework. The U.S. Department of Education maintains that for every missed day of school, it takes a student two days to catch up.

  • A teacher loses class time by having to teach one student something the entire class was taught the day before, which then affects lesson plans for the next day. This affects the entire class, not just the absent student. Multiply this by a class of 25 over the course of a year and it affects even the highest achievers.

  • A school loses funding from the state. This could affect the ability to purchase supplies for the classroom, such as textbooks and updated computer software. Multiply this by 500 students and it could mean the difference between hiring or laying off staff, buying new equipment or funding a new program.

  • A community loses valuable resources at a huge cost. Students who miss school challenge our community with immeasurable lost time and countless millions of dollars in human services for “repair work” in areas such as crime, counseling and drugs.


When is an absence excused?
Austin ISD accepts these reasons as excused absences (to meet compulsory attendance requirements):

Medical: The student has a personal illness, doctor’s appointment or an appointment with a health care professional, and provides a written note.
Religious holy day: The student is observing a religious holy day.
Court appearance: The student is involved in court proceedings or is participating in an activity related to those court proceedings.
College campus visit: A high school junior or senior may visit a college campus two days each year of those years.
Citizenship activities: The student is engaged in the process to secure U.S. citizenship or is participating in a naturalization ceremony; serves as an election clerk, or participates in a military funeral by playing Taps.
Military dependent: Student has a parent or legal guardian who is an active duty military member who has been called for deployment, is on leave from, or immediately returned from a combat zone or combat support posting.
Pre-approved reason: A students may be excused for a temporary absence with prior approval of the child’s principal.


School Song

We sing to thee dear Campbell.
Campbell we honor you.
To our colors we are always true.
We love our gold and blue.

We stand upright for Campbell.
Loud our voices raise.
Forever, always sing thy praise.
Dear Campbell we honor you!


2019-2020 School Supplies


Spiral Notebooks – 2 wide ruled

Crayons – 1 box

Glue Sticks – 2 packages

Wipes – 3 boxes

Kleenex Tissue – 3 boxes

Hand Sanitizer – 2 bottles

Ziplock Bags- 1 box of snack size

Clothing – one extra set

Snacks – please check with your scholar’s teacher  


1-box of crayons (traditional colors only, no neon)

1-box of markers (washable)

1- bottle of hand sanitizer

10-white glue sticks, no blue, no liquid, no purple

1-box gallon size zip lock bags

1- box small zip lock bags

2-boxes of Kleenex

1- package of rectangle erasers 

First Grade

3- bottle of Elmer’s glue ( big bottle)

2- glue stick (Packet)- not Blue or purple

3- Packets of pencils

6- Pink black erasers

2-boxes of crayons (24 Crayola)

1-round tip scissors

1-Marble composition book 100 ct.

3- Folders w/ pongs ( 1 red, 1 green, 1 purple)

4- spiral notebooks

2- Boxes of Kleenex

2- boxes of zip-block bags ( 1 sandwich size and 1 gallon size)

1- packet of baby wipes


Please label all of your child’s supplies

Second Grade

7 spiral notebooks- wide ruled paper (yellow, green, blue, red)

1-Box of crayons

1-Box of marker

1-Bottle of Elmer’s glue or 3 glue sticks

3-Boxes of tissue

1-Pair of scissors

5-Packages of pencils

4-Pink erasers


1-Box of pint zip lock bags

1-Box of gallon zip lock bags

1-Hand sanitizer (optional)

5-Folders (green, red, purple, white, black)

1-Composition Notebook


Do not label supplies

Third Grade

1- bottle of Elmer’s glue

4- glue sticks

4-packages of pencils

package of crayons

10-spiral notebooks, wide ruled, NO perforated sheets, one subject (purple, yellow, red, green, blue) 2 of each

4-pink erasers

6-boxes of tissues

2-pocket folders with brads

1-pencil bag (NO BOXES)

1-box of gallon or sandwich size Zip lock bags



2-hand sanitizers

2-packs wide ruled loose leaf paper


NO pencil sharpener

Do not label items. No backpacks on wheels.

Fourth Grade

3-Glue Sticks

4 -Packages of pencils

1 -Box of crayons 16 or 24 count

1-Box of colored pencils

1-Pair of child scissors

6-Pocket folders with brads (different colors)

4-Boxes of soft Kleenex

2-Pink Erasers

6-Spiral notebooks- one subject

1-Box of quart freezer zip lock bags

1-Plastic expandable portfolio


No mechanical pencils, no white out, no permanent markers. 

Fifth Grade

1-packet of pencils

1-glue/ glue stick

1-box of crayons/colored pencils

2-boxes of tissue

4-spiral notebooks

1-composition notebook


1-pencil pouch


4-pocket folders


Útiles Escolares


2 Cuadernos de espiral - ancho gobernó

1- Caja de crayones Crayola

2 paquetes - Barras de pegamento 

3 cajas- Toallitas húmedas

3 cajas - Pañuelos Kleenex

2 botellas - Desinfectante de manos


1 caja - Bolsas Ziplock de tamaño de 'snack'

Ropa Extra -  Playera, par de pantalones, y ropa interior 

Botanitas – póngase en contacto con la maestra de su erudite


1- Caja de 16 crayones Crayola

1- Caja de marcadores

1- Botella de desinfectante para las manos

10 -Tubos de pegamento Elmer NO AZUL, NO MORADO

1- Caja de bolsas zip lock tamaño galón

1- Caja de bolsas zip lock tamaño sandwich

2 -Cajas de Kleenex

1- paquete de borradores rectangular

Pimer Grado

3 -Botellas de pegamento Elmer (Botella Grande)

2 -Paquetes de pegamento en Barra (Elmer color blanco, no morado por favor)

3-Paquetes de lápices

6- Borradores rosas

2 -Cajas de Crayones 24 Crayola

1-Par de Tijeras Fiskar con punta redondeada

1-Cuaderno para composición 100 páginas

3- Carpetas con ganchitos 1(rojos 1 verde y 1 morado)

4- Cuadernos de espiral (70 hojas 2 verdes, 1 rojo y 1 amarillo)

2-Cajas de Kleenex

2- Bolsas de bolsas ziplock 1 tamaño galón y otra tamaño cuarto.

1- paquete de baby wipes

1- audífonos

*Favor de poner el nombre a todos los útiles escolares 

Segundo Grado

7- cuadernos

1 -caja de lápices de color (crayones)

1- caja de plumones

1- bote de pegamento liquido Elmer’s or 3 barras de pegamento

3- cajas de pañuelos

1-par de tijeras

5 -paquetes de lápices

4- borradores rosas

1- regla

1- caja de Ziplock bags pequeñas

1- caja de Ziplock bags de un galón

1- desinfectante de manos

5- carpetas (verde, roja, morada, blanca, negra)

1- cuaderno de composición



Tercer Grado

1- botella de pegamento

4-palos de pegamento

4- paquetes de lápices

1- caja de Crayolas

10- cuadernos con papel con lineas anchas,
un sujeto (morado, amarillo, rojo, verde, azul) 2 de cada color

4-borradores rosas

6- pañuelos Kleenex

2-carpetas con ganchos

1-bolsa de lápices (no caja)

1-bolsas Ziplock de galón

1- regla


Cuarto Grado

3-Barras de pegamento

4- Paquetes de lápices

1 -Caja de crayones de 16 o 24

1 Caja de lápices de colores

1-Par de Tijeras del niño

6-Pocket carpetas con clavitos (colores diferentes)

4-Cajas de Kleenex

2-Borradores rositas

6-Cuadernos con espiral de una tema

1-Caja de zip lock tamaño un cuarto

1-Cuaderno de plástico ampliable



Quinto Grado

1- paquete de lápices

1- pegamento

1- caja de crayones / lápices de colores

2 -cajas de tejido

4- cuadernos de espiral

1--cuaderno de la composición

1- regla 

1- bolsa de lápiz

1- tijera

4- carpetas de bolsillo


Project Help

If you need assistance with food, clothing, school supplies, or outside services and resources, please contact our Parent Support Specialist Mrs. Williams at 512-414-2775.


For further information, visit the AISD Project Help website. 


Super Dragon Spelling


Study your spelling words each week with Principal Moore!

  • Each scholar who makes 80% and above on their spelling test will get their picture taken that will be displayed on the  Super Dragon Spelling  Wall

  • Each scholar will receive a certificate when they make a 100% on their spelling test

  • Each scholar who makes 100% on their spelling test will be adding to a Super Dragon Spelling Pot

  • Principal Moore will draw 5 names from Primary and 5 names from Intermediate during the award assembly for a chance to win a Pizza Party. 

August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04
August 20 - 23
00:00 / 01:04


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The first Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary was built in 1939 and named after Dr. Lee Lewis Campbell, educator and religious statesman, from Milan County.  It was located at 1600 Chicon Street.

In the spring of 1990, the citizens of Austin approved a bond package to build five new elementary schools.  A new Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary was to be built with the bond funds.  Construction began in September 1991.  It was completed in the fall of 1992 at 2613 Rogers Avenue. 

Dr. Lee Lewis Campbell was born in 1868 and died on August 9, 1927. Mr. Campbell was a great humanitarian, and was highly influential 
as a leader in education and civic enterprises. His far-reaching influence has been passed on through the years.